Critics divided on the new Audi A8

February 7, 2011 12:00 AM

MSN Autos, which recently went on a rave reviewing spree, has finally been brought back to Earth after testing the Audi A8.

While none of the critics seem to be able to say what's wrong with the car, it "just doesn't feel quite right," says Paul Hagger. "It is a wonderful car. It's beautiful, spacious, luxurious and powerful." The problem, the critic suggests, may come from the horrible electronic responses to the steering, braking and throttle.

Priced at $90,000, this isn't a car to be purchased without some serious consideration. Joe Chulick, another MSN Autos critic, says he likes the car for its stylish exterior and calls the interior a "masterpiece", but he also owns an Audi, so that makes him a little biased, no?

Perry Stern, the last of the three muses, complains about leg room in the back of the car because the car's size suggests there'd plenty of space to go around. Passengers in the back, however, should enjoy the comfortable seats, despite being cramped. Stern suggests that Audi has "upp[ed] its game."

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