Cost of owning a car rises 2 percent

April 16, 2013 12:00 AM

No one thinks that owning a car is a cheap endeavor, but the cost of having and operating a vehicle is only going up. According to a recent study from AAA, the average cost of of sedan ownership in the U.S. increased almost 2 percent to 60.8 cents per mile, or approximately $9,122 per year. 

These costs include everything from fuel, tires, vehicle maintenance and standard car repair. Larger sedans, minivans and SUVs typically are more expensive, while smaller sedans are a bit more affordable, but most drivers can expect to shell out a fair amount of money to service their automobiles. 

"Many factors go into the cost calculation of owning and operating a vehicle," said John Nielsen, director of automotive engineering and repair for AAA. "This year, changes in maintenance, fuel and insurance costs resulted in the increase to just over 60 cents a mile." 

Drivers who are shopping around for a sedan may want to invest in a car that is known for superior maintenance or fuel efficiency if they're looking to cut back on costs. Similarly, car owners who want to improve their current car's performance should go for a car tune up to make sure everything is running in top condition. 

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