Consumer Reports praises 2013 Honda Accord

December 20, 2012 12:00 AM

Honda's 2013 Accord received high marks from Consumer Reports, topping the list of four-cylinder sedans. The vehicle edged out models like the Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Camry thanks to its fuel efficiency rating, driving position and safety features, placing the Japanese automaker back at the front of the pack after a few down years in the eyes of the reviewers.

"Honda missed the mark with other redesigned models in recent years, but it nailed this one," said Jake Fisher, director of the Consumer Reports Auto Test Center.

Consumer Reports previously bashed some of Honda's redesigns, including the 2012 Civic, reports The New York Daily News. In response to the criticism, the automaker rushed to improve the Civic, along with some of its other models, for 2013. The result of the auto repair was a redone Accord boasting a roomy interior, new front hood and grille, a quieter cabin and many special features.

One of the newest additions to the car is LaneWatch, a safety device that uses a camera to display what is in the blind spot on the passenger's side. While this was helpful, the fact that there was no similar tool for the driver's side was one of the major downgrades in the eyes of Consumer Reports, AutoBlog reports. 

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