Connected cars may be safer and more social

August 22, 2012 03:16 PM

Technology is developing in some fascinating directions. Our world is increasingly connected to a growing network of communication systems that are beginning to mirror science fiction. Those fictional worlds may not be that far of a stretch now that vehicles are able to function as navigators, entertainers and waiters, according to Forbes.

The Department of Transportation will be conducting a year-long safety pilot to see just how safe and practical cars that can communicate with each other and other structures are, according to Consumer Reports. The DOT predicts these systems can help prevent up to 80 percent of collisions involving impaired or otherwise distracted drivers.

In addition to preventing accidents through the integrated software, there is potential for vehicles to start a rivalry with the computer for media connectivity.

Pete Graham, director of finance solutions and mobility at SAP, describes to Forbes how the auto world is going mobile. There may come a day where a sales rep could drive in a connected Porsche on the way to a customer meeting with a BlackBerry PlayBook integrated with the car’s electronic systems, navigating the long drive and rerouting when a traffic jam looms ahead. Now, can it perform its own brake service?

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