Conan O'Brien giving away a Volkswagen convertible

December 6, 2012 12:00 AM

Late night talk show host Conan O'Brien is giving away a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible as part of his "Occupy Conan" competition. According to AutoBlog, entrants can qualify for the grand prize by heading to O'Brien's website and recreating clips from the show. They use the same script and premise as skits from the comedian, but mix in their own friends and flair - so long as whoever plays the role of Conan O'Brien has orange hair and a tie.

Once all of the video clips have been submitted, the host and his team will blend them together into one "best of" show. The top entrant will receive a new Volkswagen Beetle Convertible, with runners-up landing show gear and other prizes.

The fact that Conan is giving away a Volkswagen should come as no surprise, as a recent survey from The Hollywood Reporter found that his viewers are most likely to drive the German brand. His fans are also more likely to be single, atheist, tech-savvy and listen to rap. The poll also looked at other talk show hosts and found that fans of David Letterman were most likely to drive a Toyota, while viewers of Jay Leno are more apt to bring a domestic car or a Pontiac to their tune up appointments. Jon Stewart watchers are mostly likely to be behind the wheel of a GMC truck.

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