Common vehicle maintenance mistakes

June 6, 2012 12:00 AM

Most responsible car owners know that ignoring scheduled maintenance can be a major issue, but they may not be aware of just how much it can cost them. AutoMD recently revealed some of the mistakes many owners make when it comes to vehicle maintenance, and just how much it can hurt one's wallet.

Preventative and routine maintenance was the top mistake listed by the company, estimating that it can cost drivers thousands of dollars. Ignoring oil changes and other simple auto maintenance can unfortunately lead to some big car repairs down the line.

In other cases, maintenance can affect safety. For example, not buying new tires or failing to ensure your current ones are properly inflated can be extremely unsafe if one blows while out on the road. Another aspect of responsible car ownership many drivers fail to take heed of is the dashboard warning lights. Driving with the "check engine" light on, or ignoring warning signals for oil, temperature and brakes can not only cost money, but also may make the car unsafe to drive.

"By following this advice, car owners can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on auto repairs," said Brian Hafer, VP of Marketing at

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