Colorado's secret beautiful roads

April 27, 2011 12:00 AM

One of America's most beautiful states, Colorado, also has a high concentration of officially designated scenic byways, reports Lonely Planet.

Still, there are several that were left off of the list. That doesn't mean they aren't worth driver's time, however.

Independence Pass is a 27-mile journey through the backcountry just beyond Aspen that winds to Twin Lakes on Highway 82.

"Drive up a narrow ribbon of road above tree line where the views are cinematic and spectacular ... this, friends, is your own IMAX film," raves Lonely Planet.

From glacial vistas to magnificent tundra fields at the top of the pass, there is plenty to see along the way to the 12,095-foot peak, located along the Continental Divide. The views are so good here, in fact, that celebrities like Kevin Costner own multi-million dollar mansions along the highway.

Twin Lakes, where the road ends, is also a great place to visit for travelers interested in learning about Colorado's mining history.

The pass is closed during the winter due to snow, but Twin Lakes is a great starting base for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and skating.  

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