Clever Super Bowl ads define re-emerging car industry

February 7, 2011 12:00 AM

The Super Bowl once again has come and gone, but the commercials seen last night will likely continue to raid our televisions for months to come.

Almost half of the ads were car commercials and while some of them were boring, the majority of them, like the auto industry itself, were invigorating and innovative.

The best commercial, possibly of the entire evening, was the Volkswagen ad titled "The Force." A little boy runs around in a Darth Vader costume trying to make things work and can't do it... until his dad comes home. Standing in front of the VW Passat, the kid reaches his arms out trying to make magic happen and his father, looking outside from the kitchen hits the automatic start button. Awwwww.

Another great one was the Chevy Silverado, which portrayed the truck as a Lassie-type character. It continues to warn the owners of danger ("What? Tommy fell down a well?!," "I didn't even know this town had a volcano!"), but the best part was the tiny nod to Balloon Boy, as the owner's kid somehow manages to fly away.

For tires, there was Bridgestone with a brotherly "Carma" ad, involving great tires, a man and a beaver. The man brakes to avoid hit the furry creature and then six months later, the beaver chops down a tree to prevent him from driving into a flooded river. The ending? Classic.

You can watch all the ads on Hulu.

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