Classic BMW used for snowplowing

October 22, 2012 12:00 AM

With heavy winter snows comes the rumble of plows to clear the streets. Most people expect to see large pickup trucks or SUVs chugging along in the inclement weather, but one Chicago-based company decided to get a little inventive and use a E30 BMW 3 Series convertible.

According to AutoBlog, Nordic Auto Plow designed a plastic plow specially made for light-duty snowfall. It can allegedly be attached to almost any vehicle - from the BMW to ATVs and lawnmowers.

The plow uses plastic hooks and bungee cords to attach to the front of a car, resting against the bumper rather than being securely attached to the front of the automobile. While the plow is lightweight enough to avoid frame damage, the setup may cause some scratches to the exterior and require later vehicle maintenance.

For drivers who don't want to be snowed in but also don't want to be bothered with shoveling or snow blowing, it may be a good investment. Seeing as some drivers have gotten innovative with their weather-coping techniques in the past, such as attaching a blade to the rear of a car instead of buying an attachment for the front, a light, portable plow could be useful. 


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