Chrysler unveils new Dart

January 10, 2012 12:00 AM

Chrysler has already hyped up its new Dodge Dart, which will use Alfa Romeo designs from parent company Fiat in a brand-new compact car. The model was officially unveiled at the Detroit International Auto Show, reports USA Today.

"The Dodge Dart was a dream to design," Joe Dehner, head of Dodge Design for Chrysler Group, told the news source. "The Alfa Romeo-based architecture allowed us to design an exterior with great proportions that say 'fun-to-drive' when you look at it. Add in the Charger-inspired 'racetrack' taillamps, a new, sleek crosshair grille and piano black accents, and it all adds up to a performance-inspired design with just the right amount of attitude."

The new Dart will offer drivers a choice of three different engines, along with three different types of transmissions. The car will also be the first to use an active grille shutter system, which is expected to increase fuel economy and lessen aerodynamic drag at high speeds.

Whether you're planning to buy a new car like the Dart or are holding onto your old one for the time being, auto maintenance is extremely important. Trading in a vehicle that needs significant car repairs can destroy the value and end up costing the driver significant money.

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