Chrysler releasing special edition cars

October 16, 2012 12:00 AM

As part of Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" campaign, the automaker is releasing a special edition of the Chrysler 200 sedan to honor the 10-year anniversary of "8 Mile," and it is also introducing a sedan to go along with the new Broadway show "Motown: The Musical."

The "Imported from Detroit" campaign kicked off at the 2011 Super Bowl with an ad featuring the rapper Eminem, who is a Detroit native. His cinematic debut in "8 Mile" highlighted one of Detroit's most notorious neighborhoods. While it may seem strange to pair a downtrodden area with a luxury sedan, Chrysler hopes that the buzz surrounding the campaign will continue to raise sales, reports AutoBlog.

"If you wanted to change the conversation about Chrysler - Chrysler the bailout company, Chrysler the Detroit company - we had to change the conversation about Detroit itself," Olivier Francois, the manufacturer's chief marketing officer, told Detroit News. "We needed to give Detroit credit for what it really does stand for."

In addition, the carmaker will be launching a series of special edition cars, including the 300 Motown, which will likely be the next release. Other models featuring some upgraded vehicle maintenance, such as the 300C John Varvatos and the 300 Glacier, are also on the horizon.

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