Chrysler makes 1 million Pentastars

January 31, 2012 12:00 AM

Chrysler recently announced that it has already built its 1 millionth Pentastar engine, just 18 months after the powertrain debuted, according to Autoblog.

Originally offered on the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Pentastar has quickly become the most famous engine in Chrysler's fleet. The all-aluminum V6 is now available on 11 different models, everything from minivans like the Chrysler Town and Country to pony cars like the Dodge Challenger.

Used with front-, rear- and all-wheel drive powertrains, the Pentastar is rated between 283 and 305 horsepower, depending on the car it's used in. In its two years of eligibility, the powerplant has been named to the prestigious "10 Best Engines" list released each year by Ward's.

"The Pentastar engine is a cornerstone of Chrysler Group's effort to reinvent its business model with world class quality products. This award-winning engine is proof that the Company is transforming its products to meet the needs of our customers," said Brian Harlow, head of powertrain manufacturing for Chrylser. "To build one million of anything, and in an impressively short amount of time, is a significant achievement."

Whether you have a Pentastar or any other engine, it's important to keep it running right. Regular oil changes, tune-ups and radiator flush & fills can ensure that your powertrain remains in top condition for years.

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