Chrysler announces "salt belt" recall for Jeep Liberty

March 7, 2012 12:00 AM

Chrysler has announced that it will be recalling 200,000 Jeep Liberty SUVs from the 2004-2005 model years due to an issue with salt corrosion.

Regional recalls are common in the so-called "salt belt" of the U.S., which includes states that salt their roads to deal with winter weather. The salt may cause issues with certain parts that wouldn't otherwise malfunction in warmer states.

In this case, the Liberty's lower rear control arm is prone to rust and corrosion over time if driven on salted roads. The recall covers 20 states, including Washington D.C., but those with a Liberty in warmer climates can still take their car in for a repair free of charge if they choose.

Some consumer advocates criticize regional recalls, according to The New York Times. Since cars frequently move from state-to-state, they may not be included in the recall notice but will later need the repair. In addition, many used car dealers do not perform the required car repairs on their vehicles.

Thus, it always pays when buying a used car to take the vehicle in to an auto maintenance expert first. A trusted mechanic can spot any potential issues and determine whether all the proper recall work has been done.

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