Chevy announces "Dusk" Camaro

July 23, 2012 12:00 AM

Chevrolet has announced it will be offering a unique "Dusk" edition of its popular Camaro muscle car, with unique styling available only to those who opt for the limited edition package.

The major aspect of the "Dusk" edition is the Blue Ray Metallic paint scheme, which is only available for "Dusk" buyers, reports Autoblog. This dark blue exterior coat will definitely cause some heads to turn on the highway, as it's not on any other Camaros.

Buyers will also get upgraded performance tires, a special shifter for manual models, silver-painted wheels, and a host of other features normally included in the car's RS Appearance Package. The "Dusk" edition also comes with a unique Mojave interior with yellow stitching.

In order to get the new "Dusk" Camaro, buyers will have to upgrade to the 2SS or 2LT, then add an extra $6,000. The new trim level will be available this December.

Anyone who owns a limited edition model of a popular car like the Camaro will likely want to baby it and keep it in top condition. Keeping up with vehicle maintenance like car tune ups and cooling system service can extend the life of a vehicle and keep it running as good as it looks.

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