Chevrolet Volt to receive safety enhancements

January 5, 2012 12:00 AM

General Motors has announced that it will be making extra safety improvements to the Chevrolet Volt after a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test caused the car to catch fire weeks later, according to a press release.

Chevrolet has reportedly made improvements to the vehicle structure and battery coolant system in the car to further reduce the risk of a fire, which the company claims was minimal to begin with. Among the changes were a sensor to measure the coolant level and a bracket to prevent overfill.

"The Volt has always been safe to drive. Now, we will go the extra mile to ensure our customers' peace of mind in the days and weeks following a severe crash," said Mary Barra, GM senior vice president of Global Product Development. "These enhancements and modifications will address the concerns raised by the severe crash tests. There are no changes to the Volt battery pack or cell chemistry as a result of these actions. We have tested the Volt's battery system for more than 285,000 hours, or 25 years, of operation. We're as confident as ever that the cell design is among the safest on the market."

The mechanical workings of a car can present a risk to drivers if not properly maintained. Responsible owners should take their vehicles in to auto maintenance experts, who can fix any necessary car repairs and ensure the vehicle is safe.

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