Chevrolet donates Hurricane Sandy-damaged vehicles 

March 1, 2013 12:00 AM

Hurricane Sandy struck the East Coast several months ago, but the after-effects of the storm are still being felt. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles were damaged from flooding or debris, and while many were destroyed beyond the point of auto repair, some were salvageable and will soon be used for good. 

Chevrolet is donating 300 automobiles that were harmed by Hurricane Sandy to a first responder training facility. Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia, will use the vehicles to help individuals train for disasters. 

"When Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast in November we had a number of new vehicles at ports and on dealer lots that were flooded," said Chris Perry of Chevrolet Marketing. "We could not sell them, so instead of crushing them, Chevrolet is using these vehicles to help train those who respond to just such disasters." 

The range of vehicles will help simulate a real-world environment for trainees. Having the automobiles on hand can make a landscape more realistic, which in turn helps respondents prepare for natural disasters or other emergencies, CBS Local reports. 

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