Chevrolet adding another window sticker

March 5, 2013 12:00 AM

Chevrolet is adding another window sticker to its cars to provide customers with information as to how the vehicle was made in an eco-friendly manner. The informational decal will detail how the factory where the car was created handles manufacturing and enacts sustainable practices. 

The brand's research shows that 63 percent of Malibu customers say that environmental friendliness is either a very important or an extremely important factor in their decision to buy a car. For prospective buyers looking at the Malibu Eco, that number jumps to 78 percent.

"We've seen an increase in customers looking specifically for fuel efficiency, but many people are intrigued by reading their vehicle also is made in a responsible way," said Matt LaFontaine, general manager of a Michigan automotive group. 

The sticker won't go into detail about things like scheduled maintenance, fuel efficiency or eco-friendly car repairs - it is strictly about the factory. USA Today reports that it could just be viewed as clutter, as drivers would likely be more concerned about mileage and other features, but Chevrolet is ready to test out the new addition. 

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