Check tires ahead of summer travel

June 12, 2013 12:00 AM

Summer vacations are the perfect opportunity to set out on an adventure. However, with rising temperatures and heavy traffic, it's also one of the worst times of the year to have car problems sidetrack your road trip. That's why all drivers should take some steps to ensure their automobile, and especially their tires, are in top shape before they hit the roads. 

A survey from TripAdvisor found that as many as 74 percent of travelers plan on driving to their destination this summer. These motorists need to be aware of proper safety precautions to take in anticipation of their trips, which often includes tasks like evaluating tire pressure and inflation, as well as getting a tire rotation when necessary. 

In fact, monthly examinations of tire pressure, alignment and tread can go a long way in ensuring a car's tires are capable of meeting the demands of a road trip.

"Checking tires for proper inflation and tread condition is one of the most critical - and easiest - maintenance procedures for a consumer," said John Peer, vice president of Goodyear Retail. "It doesn't take much time or sophisticated equipment. Drivers can check their tires by themselves, or ... retail outlets world be happy to provide the service." 

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