Certain car parts can improve fuel efficiency

August 27, 2013 12:00 AM

Saving money is of paramount importance for drivers, many of whom will do whatever it takes to improve the efficiency of their cars. However, there are other things motorists can do to upgrade mileage, including replacing certain auto parts to get the car running as smoothly as possible.

AutoPartsWarehouse.com recently named the Top Five Parts to Make Your Vehicle More Fuel Efficient, and its selections provide some insight into the best car repair for improving mileage. 

"We are trained to think that we can only reduce our fuel consumption by braving the hot summers without air conditioning, or driving at a slow and steady pace," said Shane Evangelist, CEO of AutoPartsWarehouse.com. "But ensuring that the parts actually contributing to fuel efficiency are functioning properly is critical to saving extra money at the gas pump, while helping to ensure the vehicle runs well for the long term." 

Changing the mass airflow or oxygen sensors can go a long way toward improving efficiency, as these parts help to streamline the engine processes and minimize waste. Similarly, getting new spark plugs or an air filter are both good ways of performing vehicle maintenance on older vehicles. Another thing to keep in mind is checking the tire alignment and pressure, as the car will suffer if the wheels are not up to par. 

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