Certain auto brands inspire loyalty in drivers

January 13, 2014 12:00 AM

It's not uncommon for a driver to grow fond of a certain car brand or automaker. After all, experiencing the reliability and stress-free auto repair firsthand can go a long way toward making a certain manufacturer more endearing, and that could influence future purchases.  

CarFinance.com released a new loyalty report examining the buying patterns of certain drivers. One of the biggest reveals was the fact that below-prime buyers were about half as loyal as the average driver. These financially strapped drivers typically look to brands such as Kia and Nissan, but overall, they are only loyal to a manufacturer 24 percent of the time. Average buyers, on the other hand, are loyal 44 percent of the time. 

"Given that over half of all used, and over 1 in 4 new, car loans today go to [a] below-prime consumer, this is data that both automakers and consumers might want to take note of," said Jim Landy, CEO of CarFinance.com. "These buyers, who are getting back on their feet, are contributing to the auto industry recovery, and this report provides a view of the brands these consumers are relying on - and trust - the most."

Some drivers choose to shop around when trading in one vehicle for another. Chevrolet was the top brand motorists targeted in those situations, ending up just in front of Ford. Buyers are frequently attracted to the strong reputation of these domestic brands, among other qualities. 

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