Cars might decide if you're too drunk to drive in the future

January 28, 2011 12:00 AM

Many people who drink and drive aren't even aware of the fact that they're operating a vehicle under the influence. Instead, they feel good about life and think a joy ride is a perfectly safe idea... except it's not.

While breathalyzers help cops identify drunk drivers, it doesn't stop them from getting behind the wheel and starting the ignition. Luckily, a new technology might prevent drunk drivers from even turning the key.

Federal transportation officials at a Massachusetts lab are developing a device that would use sensory abilities to detect whether a driver is drunk. If the car deems them to be unfit to drive, the vehicle would not start.

Unfortunately for safe drivers, however, these officials told ABC news that the device is nowhere near ready to take the to the roads. It's at least eight years away and critics are already questioning how well it could work, not to mention the cost of such a technology.

So while we wait, drivers, please remember: drinking and driving is not cool, nor is it safe. If you are driving and planning to drink invest in a personal breathalyzer, which you can buy at CVS or any drug store.

In reality, though, if you think you need to test yourself, you shouldn't be driving anyway, should you?

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