CarMD releases reliability rankings

November 20, 2012 12:00 AM

Auto information provider CarMD recently released the second annual Vehicle Health Index Manufacturer & Vehicle Rankings, which looks at the number of "check engine" repairs per make and model, as well as the cost per repair and the number of registered vehicles on the road.

"This ranking of top manufacturers and vehicles provides an unbiased and unprecedented view into vehicle reliability, based on total vehicle population and real-life repairs," said Art Jacobsen, vice president of CarMD. "Unlike any other ranking or award, CarMD's Index transcends the new car 'honeymoon' period to help car shoppers get a true picture of what to expect as vehicles age."

The study is one of the only objective reports touching on problems associated with check engine codes and the average costs of the subsequent auto repair, AutoBlog reports. Toyota was named as the most reliable automaker for the second year in a row, followed by Hyundai and BMW.

When it comes to the average cost of car repair, BMW topped the list with a mean cost of $502.80. Toyota was also an expensive fix, coming in at second with an average cost of $490.72. 

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