Caring for your car in the summer heat

August 12, 2011 12:00 AM

As the summer months get even hotter, drivers should be paying special attention to certain parts of their vehicles, as the higher temperatures can wreak havoc on a car. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram recently profiled the parts of a car that are most susceptible to the summer heat.

Obviously you'll want to make sure your automotive air conditioning system is in top condition, but this is far from the only thing you should be paying attention to on your vehicle as the weather heats up. It's worth it to go for a full tune-up now that the summer is here. Spring for an oil change, replace your air filter, and ensure that all of your belts and hoses are in prime condition, as these can get worn down quickly in the heat.

Another area of the car that needs special attention is your tires. Take the time to do a quick tire pressure check and ensure everything is in accordance with the owner's manual. Hot tires build up pressure quickly and can burst if they are overinflated. If yours are worn down, you might want to buy tires now to prevent that from happening - don't wait until they're ruptured to address this important piece of vehicle maintenance. 

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