Car to the stars: Celebs love the Bentley Continental

May 13, 2011 12:00 AM

Bentleys are well known as the car of choice for members of the elite. When celebrities aren't shopping and attending social events, they're being photographed driving of one of the automaker's many sleek models. Here are the latest stars to be spotted behind the wheel.

With the recent news of his separation from Maria Shriver, the paparazzi have been all over Arnold Schwarzenegger, and car enthusiasts are sure to like the photos they've snapped. The former governor of California was seen in a black Continental Supersports with a red leather interior, which happens to match the inside of his Porsche Turbo.

Not to be outdone, everyone's favorite heiress was seen rolling around Los Angeles in her 2008 Continental GT. Paris Hilton is easily spotted in SoCal, as the Barbie-pink paint job and hood ornament bling can be seen from a mile away. However, the socialite made sure to get tinted windows to keep one shred of inconspicuousness.

Eva Longoria, Kris Jenner and James Caan were also recently seen driving their Bentley Continentals around town as well.

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