Car sales leap in January

February 2, 2012 12:00 AM

Starting 2012 off right, auto sales were surprisingly strong in January, growing by more than 11 percent, according to Reuters. This latest surge was thanks in large part to Chrysler and Volkswagen, which experienced the most growth.

The news provider reports a large reason for increase in sales was because many people have decided to throw in the towel when it comes to auto repair and are looking for a new vehicle. After years of consumers holding back and investing in car maintenance, it seems as though more people are becoming financially capable enough to allow a trade-in.

"Normally you have a little bit of the December hangover," Al Castignetti, head of U.S. sales for Nissan brand, told the news provider. "January starts out very slow and you try to make the month in the last 10 days. The absolute opposite happened this year."

According to The Associated Press, while a number of brands felt a positive jolt, General Motors is taking a loss. The automaker's sales fell 6 percent from where they were last January.

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