Car owners getting more for their money with maintenance

March 20, 2014 12:00 AM

One of the most important things about vehicle maintenance is knowing when it might be time to retire your old, trusty car for a newer model. As with all technologies, there is an expiration date that cannot be avoided. Even if you've diligently taken your vehicle in for regular oil changes and have maintained accurate tire alignment, moving on to a new mode of transportation is part of being a responsible driver. 

However, according to study by AutoMD, the time it takes for the average driver to consider his or her vehicle worn down is extending. For example, in 2010, only 47 percent of drivers were willing to let their vehicles' mileage stretch to more than 100,000. Now, 64 percent are willing to reach that landmark mileage point. Why? According to the study, a more responsible car maintenance mentality might be responsible. 

Rather than replacing a vehicle every two to three years, drivers now believe that with more frequent tune ups, cars can last upwards to more than 10 years at a time. Despite the rising economy, car owners are aiming for longevity, preferring to maintain what they have rather than buy something new. 

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