Car connectivity questions surround iPhone 5

September 14, 2012 12:00 AM

Changes to the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 will impact drivers on the road.

The Car Connection outlines some of the new changes, many of which have to do with how the new phone will connect to vehicles. The change that may affect the most drivers involves the plugs and headphone jack. A smaller connector will take the place of Apple's existing 30-pin port, so drivers who hook up their iPhones as a music player or to charge the device will need to purchase new adaptors.

The headphone plug has also been moved to the bottom of the phone. This is more of a general nuisance for drivers who use an auxiliary cable, but it has the potential to be a frustrating aspect of the new gadget.

Another change is the premiere of Apple Maps. Replacing the popular Google Maps, this new app will feature turn-by-turn navigation narrated by Siri and a 3D view of intersections when approaching turns. Real-time traffic information and even points-of-interest incorporated from the Yelp app will be additional features integrated with Apple Maps.

An added "Do Not Disturb" control will allow the device to silence alerts and keep the screen black when it detects that the car is moving at a certain speed. Details around this are vague, but it will likely serve as a way to keep drivers focused when the tires are spinning.

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