Car bought by Kid Rock has interesting back story

January 14, 2011 12:00 AM

The famous music star, Kid Rock, recently bought a '64 Pontiac Bonneville with Texas longhorns on the front, reports Country Music Television News.

Fans of the rocker will recognize the vehicle from his "Born Free" music video that recently debuted.

Kid Rock bought the car in March 2010 and paid a whopping $225,000 for it. The Bonneville came from Nudie Cohn, one of the best celebrity car tricksters in the business. Cohn started out as a tailor and somehow began selling vehicles to the stars with pimped out features.

The Bonneville was reportedly designed for Hank Williams Jr. and comes with "six-foot-wide steer horns, saddle-like leather interior, genuine silver dollars and a six-shooter shifter," according to the news source.

By 1968, the "Silver Dollar Pontiac" was housed at the Smoky Mountain Car Museum. In 2006, however, a Texas car collector named John O'Quinn inexplicably ended up with the vehicle. Quinn passed away in a car accident, so RM Auctions picked up the Bonneville, where it was sold to Kid Rock.

RM Auctions car specialist, Dan Warrener, said Kid Rock might just be "the perfect buyer for that car."

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