Cadillac to introduce vibrating safety seat

March 30, 2012 12:00 AM

Cadillac has announced that it will be offering a new vibrating driver's' seat on its XTS sedan, with the vibrations tied into the car's safety system to quickly alert the driver of impending danger, The New York Times reports.

Many automakers have developed safety systems that can detect things like other vehicles or lane departures, and the XTS will feature all of these as part of the Driver Awareness and Assist package. However, they will all be tied into the vibrating seat, which the automaker says is the quickest way to alert the driver of a possible collision.

"Vibrating alerts may also help drivers who do not hear beeping alerts because of hearing loss or competing noises," Raymond Kiefer, an active safety technical fellow at General Motors, told the news source. Kiefer says that the system would also benefit those "who might be annoyed by beeps and shut crash avoidance features off."

Technology can be very beneficial in avoiding other drivers, but it may do little stop a mechanical failure in a driver's own vehicle, such as a blown tire. Fortunately, keeping up with auto maintenance and investing in things like tire rotations can keep vehicles safe and on the road.

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