'Breaking Bad' car for sale

March 21, 2013 12:00 AM

Fans of the popular television show "Breaking Bad" now have the chance to pick up a unique keepsake from the set. A 1984 Toyota Tercel used on the show by one of the main characters, the drug dealing Jesse Pinkman, is being sold by an auto dealer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

AutoBlog reports that Mike Faris Auto Wholesale leased the car to the show's producers, and now that filming on the final season has wrapped, the vehicle was returned to the owner. While the sale can't be finalized until the last episode airs later this summer, fans can come up with their own offer for the automobile. 

The owner can't confirm if the car was used on film - the show apparently had several models at its disposal - but it does come with four-wheel drive and a single windshield wiper, which fans of the show may recall, Auto World News reports. 

Ordinarily, a car that needs this much auto repair would sell for about $500. This "Breaking Bad" model is expected to pull in much more than that, but with fans making their own offers, there's no telling how high the number may go. 

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