Brake check, please!

February 16, 2011 12:00 AM

Yahoo! Autos, always a great source for vehicle maintenance tips, says the only way to really know if a brake job is needed is by getting an inspection. Here are some helpful ways to know when its time to get the brakes checked.

While there is no special number of miles that dictate how often brakes should get checked, it is possible to know how long linings last. Once driving habits are taken into account, car owners can gauge when it might be time to stop by the auto shop.

"As a rule, the front brakes wear out before the ones on the rear because the front brakes handle a higher percentage of the braking load -- especially in front-wheel drive cars and minivans."

Yahoo! also states that drivers should be aware of special deals offering a specific price for a brake job. These deals are fantastic, but customers should be aware that they often refer only to the least amount of work needed. Be sure to read the fine print or get a quote after the brakes are inspected and before work commences.

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