BMW's Mini getting bigger

July 17, 2012 12:00 AM

BMW's Mini brand will be getting bigger in the near future - in more ways than one.

The German automaker recently announced it will be expanding the brand to include a wider variety of models over the next few years. The company also plans to increase the production at the factories that currently make Minis, according to Automotive News.

Minis will also be getting physically bigger. Originally, the brand only sold the pint-sized Mini Cooper, but has expanded to include slightly larger models. The upcoming vehicles, however, could be the largest yet. The news source reports that BMW has plans for a station wagon, van and possibly a sedan to be introduced over the next few years.

As it stands now, Mini will definitely be debuting at least one new model in the U.S., the Paceman. This four-door crossover is scheduled to go on sale in early 2013 and will bring the total number of Mini models on the market up to seven

Fans of this brand should make sure their Mini stays on the road by keeping up with auto maintenance. Cooling system service and brake repair are critical to keeping a vehicle in working order.

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