BMW to recall 90,000 Mini Coopers

January 16, 2012 12:00 AM

BMW has announced that it will be recalling more than 90,000 Mini Cooper models for a problem that could potentially lead to engine fires, reports The Detroit News.

The recall affects the 2007-2011 Mini Cooper S, 2008-2011 Mini Cooper S Clubman, 2009-2011 Mini Cooper S Convertible, and several other models built since November 2006. The problem stems from the auxiliary water pumps in these vehicles. The water pump has a tendency to fail, which can in turn overload an electronic control board and cause it to overheat.

The automaker has received 81 reports of the water pump failing, but only four of these have resulted in an engine fire. The first reports of failing water pumps in Mini Coopers came in 2009, but fires were not encountered until 2010.

BMW launched an investigation of the issue, but it wasn't until the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) became involved last October that the issue was pushed toward a recall.

Recalls can help drivers pay for the cost of car repairs, but not every issue with a car will be covered by one. That's why it's important that drivers invest in auto maintenance, which can help catch issues before they become a dangerous problem.

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