BMW offers new streaming music service in certain 2011 BMW and MINI models

November 30, 2011 12:00 AM

BMW recently announced that it will be offering access to MOG, a subscription-based on-demand music service, in 2011 BMW and MINI vehicles equipped with BMW Apps and the MINI Connected system. The music provider can be accessed on iPhone, Android and other smart phones and easily integrated with BMW and MINI cars.

"The partnership with MOG is another great step for MINI Connected and BMW Apps, as we continue to listen to our customers and work to assess, develop and launch the apps they want most in a timely manner," said Dirk Rossberg, the head of the American BMW Group Technology Office.

Many drivers are concerned with connectivity and in-car technology, and according to a survey conducted in 2010, top automotive executives believe that technology will be the driving force behind automotive development for at least the next few years.

This technology does not stop at entertainment either. Many advancements have been made for automotive safety, such as brake assist and automated pressure monitoring systems for tires.

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