BMW named "Most Valuable" car brand

May 24, 2012 12:00 AM

While there are definitely differences between all the different models on the market, sometimes the value of a car is tied in many ways to the brand that made it. That's good news for BMW owners, as the automaker was recently named "Most Valuable Brand" by analytic firm Milford Brown.

Researchers at Milford Brown polled consumers from around the globe and also analyzed business and financial data from all the major car companies, finally settling on BMW as the top choice, reports Automotive News. The German brand was previously chosen in 2010, but lost the top spot to Toyota in 2011.

While Toyota continues to do well, BMW has become the best-selling luxury brand in America and continued to improve its prestigious brand image. That means consumers put more value in BMWs - which could be welcome news for those who own a BMW car, as the resale value will likely be quite a bit higher than competing brands.

Overall, BMW is rated as the 23rd most valuable company in the world, with Toyota at 28th overall. Apple is the top brand according to Milford Brown's criteria.

Drivers who have a BMW or any other car will need to ensure it maintains its value by keeping up with scheduled maintenance, such as brake service.

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