BMW, Mercedes, expand to cosmetic products

October 11, 2011 12:00 AM

It's often said that luxury automakers don't simply sell cars, but a lifestyle. Two of the major brands are making in-roads in that direction with the announcement of new branded products that have nothing to do with automobiles.

BMW is releasing Purif-i, a hand sanitizer and moisturizer that will tie in with their upcoming electric "i" brand, reports Wired. The new product was developed by Australian cosmetics manufacturer Suzanne Kaufmann and will be available at dealerships and other retailers.

"The unique collaboration between a natural cosmetics manufacturer and the BMW i mobility brand is an example of how nature and technology can work together and effectively enhance each other," Uwe Dreher, BMW i’s marketing manager, told the news source.

Technically, BMW is late to the party. Mercedes-Benz has been selling their own brand of perfume since September, which they say "combines woody notes with floral freshness." Mercedes' luxury Maybach brand gives drivers of their insanely-expensive vehicles an atomizer that is filled with the fragrance of their choice, so they can give their car its own unique musk.

Of course, the stuff that's going on your hands and face should be secondary to what's going into your vehicle. Make sure that your car is up-to-date on its oil changes by taking it in to a certified auto maintenance expert, who can also diagnose any other car repairs that may have popped up.

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