BMW cars will soon come with lasers

October 13, 2011 12:00 AM

BMW has announced plans to include laser headlights on an upcoming series of vehicles, making it likely to become the first automaker to make the leap to the generation beyond LED.

The German automaker has apparently perfected the technology, according to the Detroit News, and will debut it sometime within the next 2-3 years. The company showed off the headlights earlier this year on the i8 supercar concept at the New York International Auto Show, but it was unclear at the time whether the headlights would ever actually be used on a vehicle.

According to the automaker, the lasers are 100 times smaller than the cells used in LED lighting, and more than 1,000 times brighter. They also use markedly less energy, which in turn helps the car achieve better fuel efficiency.

BMW says that the lasers are not harmful, as the light is not directly emitted, but instead converted into a form that's safe for road usage.

Having bright headlights is essential when driving at night, as drivers need to be able to see the road in front of them in case something jumps out at them. However, the second component of this is making sure you keep up with your brake service and replace any worn tires to ensure you can stop on a dime.

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