Blake Griffin returns to Kia's commercials

December 22, 2014 10:51 PM
These days, car commercials are among the funniest and most memorable advertisements on television. Among the best are Kia's series of ads, which feature everyone from LeBron James to a team of CGI hamsters. One of the manufacturer's most recognizable stars is Blake Griffin, and the general public will have several opportunities to see the basketball player lend his name to the Kia Optima. The latest commercial The next time you turn on the TV, there's a good chance you see NBA All-Star Blake Griffin behind the wheel of a Kia. However, there may be a twist, as Griffin isn't playing his typical dunking self. Instead, he's cast as the lead in a Western movie in the latest clip, titled "Showdown." As the classic duel scene plays out in a Western town, Griffin pulls up to the set in his Kia. Although the fictional film's director doesn't quite understand why the star isn't riding up in a horse, Griffin persuades him to bring something "cool and unexpected" to the set, as "it's what people want." Viewers then get a chance to see the Kia in action as it speeds next to a horse in the swirling dust. And this is just the beginning, as Griffin is set to star in a few related commercials - including ones set in ancient Rome and an aircraft carrier - as well. "As a global brand ambassador, this marks Blake's fourth campaign for our best-selling Optima and he keeps getting better and better," said Tim Chaney, vice president of marketing communications, KMA.  "The Optima has been Kia's most popular vehicle since the time when our partnership with Blake began, and he has helped us foster connections with basketball fans across the country, increase awareness and enhance our brand image." Griffin's other appearances This isn't the first time the basketball star has made a splash on television. In 2011, he famously dunked over a Kia Optima as part of the All-Star Game's competition. That's where the relationship began, but since then the partnership has evolved to include a series of funny - yet informative - commercials. While the ads don't always reference Kia's reputation for easy vehicle maintenance or notable value, they do sprinkle in a few key facts. For instance, the audience can learn about the Optima's impressive horsepower, its sleek exterior, hybrid powertrain option and more.
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