Bill Ford: Technology needed to solve traffic issues

February 29, 2012 12:00 AM

Ford executive chairman Bill Ford is urging automakers to work with the technology industry to solve the growing problem of traffic, according to The Associated Press.

The former CEO of Ford now sits on the Board of Directors, letting him think about the future of the company. Although some may point to environmental issues as the big crisis for automakers, Ford says that the technology to solve that problem is already being developed in the form of electric vehicles.

Instead, Ford is focusing on what will happen in the future as more people drive and urban cities become clogged. That's why the company is investing in new technology that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other and sensors placed at intersections to ease traffic.

"What I'm really worried about is the role of the car in the long-term," he told the news source. "If we do nothing, it will limit the number of vehicles we can sell. If we can solve this problem of urban mobility, I think there's a great business opportunity for us."

While there are many promising pieces of technology on the horizon for the auto industry, no automaker has begun to talk about cars that fix themselves. In the meantime, drivers will have to pay attention to their own auto maintenance.

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