Big disparity in cost between quick fixes and major repairs

September 7, 2011 12:00 AM

All too often, a driver may put off a vehicle repair because they believe it's too expensive or they simply can't find the time to bring their car into the shop. Unfortunately, this can lead to even bigger issues down the line. recently revealed a top 5 list of easy maintenance that should never be overlooked or put off. Bringing the car in for a tune-up, for example, can ensure that you don't have a major repair down the line. AutoMD listed a number of different easy fixes and the potential cost of a "worst-case scenario" if these aren't taken care of.

One of the easier maintenance tasks to take care of is oil changes and filter swaps. These don't take long at all when done by a certified mechanic or an owner who knows what they are doing. Yet completely ignoring your oil could eventually cause the need for a full engine replacement, which the company quotes at more than $4,000.

Another task that has a big disparity between the cost of a quick fix and the cost of a "worst-case" repair is the transmission. If you completely ignore this important part of your vehicle by not changing out the fluids, it could potentially lead to a full transmission replacement, which can run more than $3,000.

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