Best phone apps for drivers

September 18, 2012 12:00 AM

While the fifth model of iPhone may still be a few weeks away from its actual debut, that hasn't stopped some companies from looking ahead. A study by Total Car Score has named the best iPhone 5 apps for drivers in a variety of car-related categories.

Total Car Score looked at programs related to navigation, safe driving, music, location searches and has prices. Some of these categories, such as music and attraction searches, may depend more on the personal preference of the driver than anything else. Upgraded navigation and anti-distraction features will be built into the device.

"The iPhone 5 will debut with safe driving features," said Karl Brauer, editor-in-chief of Total Car Score. "Without even downloading an app on your new iPhone 5, you'll be able to utilize the new 'ignore, screen, or answer' feature to drive more safely."

Even with these new additions, Total Car Score points to the app as the top choice for keeping a driver focused on the road. The app MotionX GPS is also a favorite, as it pulls destination points from a contact list or the internet and provides live traffic updates. GasBuddy helps drivers keep track of rising fuel prices. This program finds the lowest-priced gas stations in the area, saving drivers money and miles.

These apps go a long way in helping to keep up proper vehicle maintenance and safety, and with the premiere of the new iPhone more drivers than ever will have the opportunity to use them. 

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