Bentley launches its own fragrance line

February 26, 2013 12:00 AM

They say there's nothing like a new car smell - but what if you could bottle that scent and wear it whenever you wanted? That's exactly what Bentley is trying to do with its latest business move, which will bring the automaker into the world of men's cologne. 

Bentley is teaming up with Lalique, a French crystal maker, to bottle its new fragrance. According to Business Insider, the British automaker will start its line with the launch of three colognes, and the full line will also include shave balm, shampoo and body wash. While some car enthusiasts may wish the scent was more reminiscent of an oil change, the actual smell will be along the lines of wood, leather and earthy odors. 

"The crystal edition is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, reflecting the unrivaled luxury and elegant values of both Bentley and Lalique," said Daniele Ceccomori, a designer for Bentley. "Just as the 'Flying B' sits gracefully on the front of our flagship Mulsanne model, we wanted to communicate the same importance with the preciousness of the crystal artwork and the uniqueness of the essence treasured by its delicate flacon." 

Bentley's fragrances will go on sale in April at select retailers. 

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