Be on the lookout for flood-damaged cars

August 5, 2013 12:00 AM

Drivers on the hunt for a used car already have a lot to consider as they shop around for the right model. A recent study from Carfax found that there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles that have been flood damaged now back on the roads, despite needing advanced car repair. Instead of getting the overhaul they often desperately need, these automobiles are often given a quick fix before being sold to unsuspecting drivers. 

New research from Carfax suggests that more than 212,000 cars once classified as flood damaged found their way back to U.S. roads. The majority of these cars are found in the same 10 states, including Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois and Louisiana, but the risk of purchasing a flood-damaged vehicle is present all over the country. 

"Our research proves that flood-damaged cars are everywhere," said Larry Gamache, a communications director at Carfax. "It's big business for professional con men to quickly clean up and resell these cars miles from where the flooding occurred. Consumers need to look out for flooded cars no matter where they live. They're a serious danger to anyone who unknowingly buys one." 

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