Battle of the sexes extends to driving

November 15, 2012 12:00 AM

A new study out of the UK shows women may be better drivers than their male counterparts. Carrentals UK {}  surveyed more than 700 drivers, asking them to answer questions about their personal driving ability as well as rules of the road.

The results found that 57 percent of men surveyed had been involved in a car accident, compared to 44 percent of female drivers. Additionally, the number of men who had been caught speeding or had points on their license was nearly double that of women.

"It is clear to see that male drivers performed worse in terms of speeding fines and penalty points," said Gareth Robinson, managing director of a UK car rental facility. "Despite this, men consistently rated their driving skills higher than women when asked. It seems that, while men performed poorly on the questionnaire and typically had a worse track record on the roads, they believed that they were good drivers."

Both sexes, however, were less than satisfactory when it came to identifying road signs and did not improve their driving habits with age, which may help explain why both men and women consistently line up for car repair

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