Basic features missing from some popular vehicles

August 15, 2011 12:00 AM

When you're buying a vehicle, just as it's important to get a vehicle inspection and go over every inch of the car, it's also important that you ensure the vehicle has every feature you desire. Some add-ons that drivers take for granted are actually missing from popular models, reports Left Lane News.

For example, a radio is standard on just about every model except budget cars. A top-seller like the Honda Civic should have one standard, right? However, up until just this year, it was an add-on that would cost drivers extra. Since the car does come with speakers and radio wiring standard, the news source recommends saving your money and buying an aftermarket radio with more features and crisper audio.

Drivers of more expensive vehicles typically have alloy wheels and hubcaps protecting their tires. However, the Chevrolet Traverse is notable for its exclusion of these features - the car comes with steel wheels and plastic hubcaps. The news source notes that this is anomalous for a vehicle in this price range (approximately $32,000). For comparison's sake, Chevrolet is making alloy wheels a standard feature on the Spark next year, which costs less than half that.

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