Baby boomers buying flashy vehicles

July 27, 2011 12:00 AM

Different demographics go for different vehicles, and there's a whole industry of analytics that follows these trends and statistics very closely. For example, it was recently revealed by TrueCar that many in the baby boomer generation are going after luxurious and sporty vehicles.

The boomers are currently approaching "mid-life crisis" range, which historically has been shown as a time that many opt to stretch for a flashy vehicle with lots of bells and whistles. The current age range for boomers is 46 to 64, meaning most are financially independent and have already put their kids through college.

"Many baby boomers are experiencing another phase in their life, the nest is empty and because they have reached a heightened income level giving them both time and financial freedom, they chose vehicles that provide them with a luxurious, safe feel and a youthful, sporty drive," says TrueCar analyst Jesse Toprak.

The company's research found some of the more popular brands for these drivers. Topping the list was Mercedes-Benz, which takes 56 percent of its sales from baby boomers. Both Jaguar and Porsche were not far behind, at approximately 55 percent each.

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