Avoiding a breakdown in the summer heat

July 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Nobody likes it when their car breaks down, but it can be even worse when the thermostat reads 90-plus. AOL Autos recently offered some tips for drivers looking to avoid the summer breakdown, and most of it comes down to simple auto maintenance.

Cooling system service may be the most critical aspect of auto maintenance when it comes to avoiding a breakdown. The cooling system is in charge of making sure the engine doesn't overheat, but if it's not regularly flushed and filled with new fluid, you're risking a breakdown. This is typically included in most car tune ups, so there's really no excuse not to get it done.

Another critical part of car maintenance is your tires. Flat tires can end a summer road trip in a hurry, and nobody wants to be stuck jacking up their car on a hot day. Simply inflating tires properly and checking the tread wear now and again can avoid this disaster. If necessary, invest in new tires to ensure you're not risking a flat.

Finally, while it won't help you avoid a breakdown, be sure to look into air conditioning service if your system isn't blowing the cool air that it used to. You might think that you can get by with just rolling the windows down, but when you hit beach traffic with a busted A/C, there won't be a constant breeze to keep you cool.

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