Avoid cracked windshields in the winter season

January 14, 2014 12:00 AM

Many motorists take the time to brush up on the best driving practices before inclement weather arrives. Although snow may already have fallen in your neck of the words, that doesn't mean there aren't some steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is staying safe in all types of weather. For example, the freezing conditions present during the cold-weather months may lead to damage to a windshield, but drivers can benefit from vehicle maintenance when caring for an automobile. 

Cold weather and quick temperature changes can result in cracks in a windshield. That makes it extremely important to allow a vehicle time to warm up, particularly with its HVAC system and defroster, as that gradual heating can prevent cracks from appearing in a windshield. 

"In cold weather and snow, we forget about the upkeep of our windshields," said Cindy Rowe, the president of an auto glass company. "Often times it's the last thing we maintain on our vehicles, when it should be one of the first, especially in the winter months." 

Rowe recommended that drivers pay extra attention to their windshields when the temperature drops. Even smaller cracks can expand and spread in cold conditions, so it is important to get that car repair taken care of as soon as possible - before it becomes a more expensive, dangerous problem. 

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