Avoid becoming stranded on the roads

December 14, 2012 12:00 AM

More drivers on the road means the potential for problems or accidents is higher than normal, and with nearly 90 million people ready to hit the roads for holiday travel, anyone could find a car problem messing with their plans.

AAA predicts that it will have to assist more than 1.2 million drivers between December 19 and January 2, and that is in addition to drivers who will be heading to a local auto repair franchise in order to have issues fixed, with common problems like flat tires, battery replacements and extricating vehicles from the snow expected to affect many.

"Becoming stranded on the roadway is the last thing on anyone's holiday wish list," said AAA vice president Marshall L. Doney. "Whether you are staying local or planning a long distance road trip, having your vehicle properly maintained and prepared for holiday driving will ensure it gets you and your loved ones to your destination safely and without incident."

Stocking up on antifreeze, spare tires and jumper cables before traveling can help eliminate panic during a road emergency, while having a car tune up done in anticipation of a trip can improve the odds a car will easily handle long-distance driving.

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