Average fuel economy reaches a high May

June 11, 2013 01:26 PM

The average mileage of new cars has been steadily improving for years, and the numbers are reaching record numbers in 2013. 

According to The Chicago Tribune, the average miles-per-gallon for cars sold in the U.S. increased to 24.8 mpg in May, which is up from 23.5 mpg in the same month last year. In total, fuel efficiency has improved by 5.5 percent in the past year and 19 percent since 2007. 

"Chrysler and Nissan are both benefiting from the success of their more fuel-efficient models such as the Dart, Rogue and Sentra," said Jesse Toprak, an analyst for TrueCar. "Even though the market share for large trucks has been increasing in recent months, the higher fuel efficiency of the new pickups is offsetting what would have been a decrease in overall mpg figures." 

Drivers can take a few steps to improve mileage regardless of the type of car they drive. Getting a car tune up to ensure every aspect of a vehicle is working properly is an important step, as is checking up on tires, as these actions are easy ways to make sure an automobile is functioning at optimal levels. 


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